GhostPosts Modern Slavery Policy

At GhostPosts, we are not just about content; we are about ethics too. We are wholeheartedly committed to ensuring our operations and supply chains are free from modern slavery and human trafficking.

  • 1. Our Promise:GhostPosts is here to make a positive change. We are on the lookout for any modern slavery risks and we are taking active steps to keep them at bay.
  • 2. Due Diligence:We are not just relying on words; we are taking action. From assessing supply chains to conducting supplier audits, we are ensuring compliance through and through.
  • 3. Learning is Key:Knowledge is power! We provide training to our team, ensuring they are well-equipped to identify and tackle any potential risks.
  • 4. Speak Up:We encourage our team to voice any concerns. If something seems off, we want to know.
  • 5. Always Evolving:Our policy is not static; we review and refresh it regularly to stay ahead of the curve.

GhostPosts is more than a brand. We are a team, a community, and we stand united against modern slavery. Thanks for being a part of our journey and supporting our mission.

Paul Wilshaw & Liam Brennan


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